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Was super bored Saturday so I headed out mid day.....Kids and wife wanted to go and I had a few left over minnows from a previous failed attempt @ chatty..

Anyway, It's quite a drive to get to this place from Littleton but we enjoyed the drive.......

Once arriving up North it is a small walk......

Anyway the pond holds crappie so I hooked the kids rods up with circle hooks about 3' below a bober with a small split shot to help prevent tangles when they cast....

They cast out and then watch rods for a few minutes..

No bite in a few minutes so the kids decide to run around

I kinda just chill out and watch both the kids rods and just **** around casting.

A few minutes later and I hear drag screaming and look over and see my youngest son Deegans rod bent over so i yell for him to grab it(Luckily he was only a couple feet away eating some snacks)... He runs over and grabs his rod and luckily the fish was still on by this time.....

Pretty hard fight for a few minutes and he even tried to pass the rod to me saying it was too hard LOL Of course I did not take the rod from him I just tightened the drag a tad.

He ended up landing the fish and the Circle hook was right in the lip as designed :cool: Ended up being a Largie and not a Crappie...

Actually Deegans new PB Largie right at 15 1/2" :

He was scared it would bite him when i tried to get him to lip it LMAO

So I just helped him with a little stiff arm action:

We fished for about another 20 minutes until this:

So we left...

Total tally (1) 15 1/2" Largie

So without planning on it i woke up @ 5:00 Sunday morning... :-\

Couldnt get back to sleep so i thought I'd get up and see if I could find any hungry fish... Supposedly fall feed bags should be on right?? (**** I suck at fishing in the fall...)

Anyway I grabbed some coffee and my fishing gear and Headed out the door...........

17 or so " Largie:

16"er(Poor guy didnt have much of a lip left)

Total tally 2 Largies... 17" and 16"

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Thanks everyone!!

For those who commented on the picture quality.. All but the last 2 were taken by my wife... She is a great Photographer and you can see more of her work here:

Great times and photos. What camera were they taken with?
She is currently using a Canon 6D..... Not sure what lens she was using i think she said it was a 70-200.. ? ? ? ? LOL
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