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Anyone have that family member they wish they fished with more? I have a lot in my family to be honest馃榾 but one of them is my Uncle Mike. It's been over TWO DECADES since we've last fished together and I got to go ice fishing with him in today's episode.

My uncle was out here last week visiting my mom and helping her while she was recovering from knee surgery (She's a very busy woman). My mother really wanted us to fish together so he got to get away for a short afternoon. Due to scheduling Ruedi was the most convenient place to go.

Fun day but a bit of a grind...He was the only one to land any fish, glad he did so we both didn't get skunked!! Can't wait to fish with him again!!! He was one of my main influences to loving fishing, growing up in Minnesota.

Hope you enjoy the video! Short but sweet today:thumb:

Ruedi Ice was about 16" and about 1 1/2 feet of snow on top of that. Slush wasn't too bad at all.
Hard time marking fish! Fished a wide variety of depths from shallow to deep.

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My experience laker fishing at Reudi has been pretty tough. Smaller, skinner fish as well. Lakers are much easier to target at lakes like Granby/Green Mountain/Turquoise/Blue Mesa.
Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience. I feel like mysis shrimp may not have the same affect in grown on Lakers as it does on Rainbows and Browns, correct me if i'm wrong?
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