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Fishinglicense for 2006

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I heard a rumor that the cost for the F.L. is going up,from $20.50 to$ 30.50 in 2006.Is it true?I always buy a sec. rod Stamp too.I don't mind at all if it goes up.
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It is going up because you have to buy a SWA stamp, for your 1st 2 liscense of the year so if you hunt you have to buy another SWA stamp for your hunting liscense.
License fee is increasing from $20.00 up to $25.00. Second rod stamp will go to $5.00. The
Habitat Stamp will be $5.00. There is also a new Wildlife Management Educational Fund
fee of $.75. This on top of the $.25 Search and Rescue fee will bring the total for an annual
2 rod license to $36.00. Still a bargain for the days of enjoyment it provides.
i agree, as long as the money is helping the fishing, also, just remember if any of u r running around without a license, it only takes getting checked once to make it worth it
Spoke with a senior wildlife officer and he said we need to keep an eye on the division of wildlife and how they spend our money. A major push is on by the big game and bird guys for wildlife habbitat and land. He mentioned that a few folks are forgetting that FISH are also wildlife. We pay more in fees than hunters do at this time. So keep an eye out and request an annual report every once in awhile to let them know we are looking at them.

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