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Flaming Gorge

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How deep where you marking them? 21# and 10# are some nice looking Lakers.
Whine,whine,whine! "I only caught a 21 and 10 lber!".Enjoy the moment,dude.About 99% of us would be very happy with those babys.Good job-
At first glance I saw the 21 and 10 and thought you were talking about inches...then I noticed your # (pound) sign....Man soak it in...If this is your bad day I would like to fish with you on a good one... ;)
Don,do they get shallower when they spawn? Or do they do it in the deep?I know its easier for me to catch em when they spawn.
lakers go shallow to spawn ive caught them in 5 feet of water threw the ice thow they werent huge it was fun, ive never caught lakers bigger then 21 inches, i would definitely be happy with a 21 pounder

Nice Fish! What is the biggest you have taken out of the Gorge. I know there are lakers up to 60 pounds in there.

This may be top secret info, but what does your rig consist of? Do you jig spoons or tube jigs? What size to get down 90' and do you tip them with anything?

I've fished for lakers right at ice out and again in the fall, but have never really gone after them mid summer when they are deep. It's another presentation I need to become familiar with. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Sounds like you have them pretty well figured out.

You got any pictures. I would love to see them monsters.
dude i would S#$t my pants if i caught a 20lb anything(carp excluded ) .....i need to get a boat .

I'm tossing around the idea of either heading back to Powell, or to try something new; never been to the Gorge.

If you had to pick a few days in either Sept, Oct or Nov, when would you go for the greatest odds in timing the pre-winter feed?

Those are some nice fish and it sure makes me miss fishing at the Gorge. Seems like everything you catch there is a step up from the typical sizes. What part of the lake were you fishing? Lucerne?

Glad you had a good trip.
Don nice report, do you happen to know when the run is in full swing?

i assume these are on your custom made laker jigs you make?
im not suprized, i feel there are lots of big fish left in this state maybe they dont jump in the boat for you,it just goes to show it takes a little effort and knowledge and maybe a bit o luck

nice catch thanks for shareing
nice fish i see fish like that in my dreams. looks like you have that lake down.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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