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Flattops area report.5-25

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After my lake powell plans went down the sh#tter,I talked to a friend in Steamboat about fishing a lake up from Yampa in the flattops.Weve done very well there over the last decade.It's a 7 mile hike each way,the trailhead is 9700 and the lake is at 10000ft. Each caught a dozen bo and cutbos,most on gold Thomas Bouyants. Not as fast fishing as last year,but  thats fishing.The biggest was my freinds' bo @19.75",my two were 17.75" and we each lost some at 20".Saw some real nice ones also!I brought up a jar of sacs to fish in this one inlet and caught a 15"er on first cast,looked behind me and rogers dog had eaten all of my egg sacs,(forgot to put the lid on).I ended up catchin 4 on the only sac,I have caught very large fish in that inlet before-oh well.

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Beauties! I would ask for more information, but I don't think I can handle a 7 mile hike each way as well as I used to.....
Great lookin fish. I have fished around that area a buch, lots of good fishing and great scenery. Probally do a backpack trip somewhere up there in July. See Ya
Slayer, I love that place, My uncle has caught many 5 lbs. plus there.
My best from this lake is a 9.5lber,lost bigger and also see bigger ones cruisin.
Was there once had a decent size female on a string about 10 feet in the water and there was a large fish at least 8+ that just kept swimming around her. Probably her boy friend, and he was'nt hungry.
Also some good spots just to the south of there probably 3 miles as a crow flies, may be too much snow right now though.

Too bad you couldn't make it to Powell... but hey you made up for it.

Way to thump those fish!!


He slays again!
Slayer, nice catch! I am hoping to get up to Marvine lakes sometime in mid August. The fish go absolutely nuts on Grasshoppers. I may try a earlier trip or two maybe to Mcginnis and or Skinny Fish. I will let you know when I go if it interests you.
Waita go Slayer...if you cant make it to Powell...the Flattops arent exactly chopped liver...I still think that is the most beautiful area in Colorado...
I never thought about how beautiful the Tops are,just how many big fish that area produces!It is a magical kind of place though. Hey Ouray,I was on skinny fish in 1985,drug my belly boat up there.Caught several bos above and below the 20" mark.Caught some cuts trolling flies at midnight(no moon).Caught a nice bo under the big pile of floating logs on a spinner.Great memories of that place!Never made it to Mcginnis,is it a cool spot?
Yeah that is some good fishing up there, looks to be like that may be Heart Lake .. Nice to ride the motorcycles in with a belly boat and catch some nice bows.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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