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I took my fly rod out this evening to a little park pond that's a block or two from my house...mostly just to tune up my cast and see how rusty I was. The good news was I could still cast.

This little pond has panfish and some largemough in it apparently. it was at dusk and you could see fish surfacing everywhere (or swirling just under the surface) I tied on a little panfish popper and no dice. So I switched to a dry caddis pattern because I could see little black bugs on the surface of the pond. nothing going. I soaked the caddis and fished it wet and actually got a nibble or two but couldn't hook up. I'm not sure if there was some kind of insect emergence going on or what.

Anyway...flies for panfish in a little green stained 1/2 acre pond (or anywhere for that matter) any ideas? I'm sure the popper will work in warmer water. Anyone have any dry or nymph patterns they use? It would be fun to hook up with some of these guys since I can walk over to the pond anytime i have a few minutes and get a little action.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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