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Which version do you have? Del and his wife made the first model from his home near Leadville for many years then he contracted out the second version to a company from La Junta. The ones from his home have black bottoms and yellow tops while the La Junta tubes have a black bottom and orange top.

I bought my first one from him at his house then, I purchased one from La Junta for a back up unit because I heard a rumor the tubes would be discontinued. A friend bought one from La Junta and eventually gave it to me so I wound up with three units. Recently, because of my upcoming move to Arizona in August and because I use something completely different for still water fishing, I gave the two La Junta units to two close friends. I kept the Leadville tube, for now.

I don't know how much you know about the history of these tubes but originally, a somewhat different version was made by a Mexican company. It was called the American Water Walker. When the Mexican company quit making them, Del bought the rights and patterns. He modified the tube to be more stable by making the rear half larger than the front half and added the three storage bags, which attached by way of Velcro. Eventually, the La Junta tubes were made with non-removable storage bags, which was a much better arrangement. Just like the Canty tubes, the Water Walker has two compartments.

Many years ago, a friend gave me his American Water Walker. I'm holding on to the Water Walker but I'm not sure why.

Do you have an idea of the value of these tubes?

I have enclosed two photos of my latest still water fishing craft. I will post a thread about this unit with a description. Others may be interested in know about it.


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