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DENVER – Due to Denver Water’s need to drain Antero Reservoir in the summer of 2015, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) will be adjusting the bag and possession limit to allow anglers the chance of harvesting additional fish prior the reservoir going dry. The following emergency salvage regulations apply only to Antero Reservoir, located in Park County.

–A valid Colorado fishing license is required in accordance with state statutes.

–All currently legal fishing methods at Antero Reservoir will continue to be allowed. No snagging of fish will be allowed.

–The bag and possession limit during the public salvage is eight trout with no size restrictions.

–Notification of the salvage opening and closing will be made through news releases and informational signs posted at strategic locations at Antero Reservoir.

–Public salvage will begin Saturday, Jan. 10, with operations to cease upon closure of the reservoir to public access by Denver Water.

As the reservoir levels recede during the open water season of 2015, CPW staff will conduct a salvage operation below Antero Reservoir, as fish migrate out of Antero Reservoir. These salvaged fish will be relocated to other Park County waters.

CPW is in support of Denver Waters decision to drain the reservoir. As Antero ages, trout survival and growth rates decline which leads to less anglers visiting the reservoir.

Once Denver Water’s dam construction project is complete, and the reservoir refills to a level that will overwinter trout, CPW is committed to rebuilding the fishery. The success of CPW’s fishery rebuilding project will be dependent on the timing of key reservoirs elevations. Denver Waters proposed refilling plan is significantly different from the way Antero refilled after the last draining in 2002. CPW would like anglers to understand that the reopening of Antero may not meet expectation from the last reopening in the summer of 2007.

“Managing Antero’s exceptional fishery is a fine balance between nutrients, water levels and competition with suckers” said Ken Kehmeier, senior aquatic biologist, for CPW, “We proved during the last drain and fill cycle that we have a blue print to make Antero great. Over the next year CPW staff will hopefully be working with Denver Water to see if we can make that happen again.”

Members of the public with questions about Antero’s draining, the dam work, and the refilling plan should contact Denver Water at 303-893-2444. Members of the media with questions for Denver Water should call 303-628-6700. For fishery related questions, please contact CPW at 303-291-7227.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages 42 state parks, more than 300 state wildlife areas, all of Colorado’s wildlife, and a variety of outdoor recreation. For more information go to
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