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Fly Components (guides/cork/Reel Seats)

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On Mud Hole I see 5 different brand names for guides and then a slough full of finishes. Is Fuji the brand of choice or can someone recommend a preference? Building a 5wt fly rod so does the weight of the guides matter so much? Looking for a silver look but want quality so it won't rust or be too flimsy.

Same for reel seats and corks? Supplies?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Carp, hit up KoldKut. He'll know what you need.
Have never tried the Fujis but I like these for the snake guides in "smoke" or "chrome"

They are a bit harder to start than a double foot but give the rod a slimmer look and a lighter feel to the rod on light rod and feel a little better in the wind, IMHO. Have made 6 or so using these. On larger weigh rods I use the standard. Finally broke down and bought a 3wt TFO BVK(first rod I've bought in 35 years) and wish I would have built it using single foot guides. As far as rusting, there made of stainless steel wire with hard finish. Have never seen one rust except on Bamboo rods from the 1920/30's. I still use double foot for strippers though. I guess its just personal preference.
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