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couple things. One, roll casting is a great technique with high trees and brush behind you and learning to water load and do a single spey or learning to do a Sap T with your single handed rod.

Second, learning to deal with the "10 and 2" myth. When Ive fished with many new guys they have this image of 10 and 2 in their head. So they move the rod along that arc which causes the back cast to drop low and you loose power on the forward cast.

The casting is not along the arc, it is your hand moving from a 10 oclock position to a 2 oclock position in a straight line. When I have high brush, I go more like 10 to 1.

To visualize, look at the horizon and trees behind you. Think 20ft up in that tree. Now on your backcast, make your arm and rod shoot line toward that high point on the back cast.

This gets the line above brush, and will keep a tighter loop.

here is one of the better videos ive seen on wind casts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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