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Fly fishing baja

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hi everyone I was wondering if any one has gone to East cape mexico before im going there in june and im wondering what flies I should bring and what line to buy(floating, sinking, etc.) im taking a 12wt 10wt and 8wt

thanks in advance

goodtimes O0
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I was on the East Cape last May and caught fish from the beach on an 8wt with a full intermediate line. Clousers were good. In hindsight I wish I had a 10wt and bigger flies, like 2/0 deceivers and other baitfish patterns. If you're going to be out in a boat at all, even a kayak, bring a fast sinking line. The tidal currents are strong.
goodtimes said:
Im still looking for a 10wt any suggestions?

I will be on a boat three days on shore for one

what color clousers?

thanks for the help so far
Check out Temple Fork 10wt options. Find a shop near you that carries them and try the TiCr, TiCrX, and Teeny models. Prices range from $200-250 and have lifetime warranties. All are fast action, salt friendly, and have plenty of backbone for big fish.

I spoke with a couple guys while I was down there that were targeting rooster fish with 10wts and wished they had 12wts. They each broke 2 rods over the course of a week.

As far as colors, I did well with chartruese over white and blue over white, each tied with lots of flash. I think an all white Clouser would work just as well.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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