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Fly fishing baja

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hi everyone I was wondering if any one has gone to East cape mexico before im going there in june and im wondering what flies I should bring and what line to buy(floating, sinking, etc.) im taking a 12wt 10wt and 8wt

thanks in advance

goodtimes O0
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Im still looking for a 10wt any suggestions?

I will be on a boat three days on shore for one

what color clousers?

thanks for the help so far
Im staying at playa del sol its near punta colorado.

So everyone says tfo I heard there great for the money a little stiff though. I guess I will have to go cast a few. Right now I own a lot of powell rods (love them) and redington nti(to bad there discontinued)but im always looking for great companys where you dont pay a huge mark up for the name.
Im really going after dorado any must have flies? of coarse I will be happy with anything but this is my first trip out of the country and fishing here in colorado all my life, I want to catch something exotic.

Thanks for all the advice this is my first post and so far everyone has been great. ;D
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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