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Fly fishing for species besides trout

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do any of you fly fishermen ever target anything else or just trout?                      i live in s.e. colorado and every now and then i take my fly gear out when the wiper are in close to the shore and let me tell you to see a 4 pound wiper pull on my fly gear is great no trout can pull like that trust me  its got to be close to fishing for saltwater fish     i have used my fly gear to catch perch, crappie,walley    yes i do get funny looks when i get my pole out and they look at me like hey your not on a stream but they shut up when you hook something and that pole bends they want to know what kinda fly is that and where can they get some     have turned alot of crappie fishermen on to pistol pete flys     its nice to see and hear all you guys are having fun in the streams but think you guys are missing out on a lot of fun   
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Oyey said:
The only problem with fishing for warm water species and pike is it makes trout so much less fun.... wiper rule
Trout make GREAT pike food
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