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Fly Fishing is the Best! Winter Flies

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As much as I love winter and ice fishing. My favorite type of fishing is with the fly rod and a river. I've fished mostly all the seasons but winter. I would like to get into winter fly fishing. I understand it can be very tough the fish are not as active, and they generally go for the small stuff.

I assume midges are the key in winter. One fly i can think of right of the top of my head is a zebra midge.

I would like to know what others think is a good winter fly?
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I would like to know what others think is a good winter fly?
Well I have not done much winter fly fishing myself, but I have heard that egg patterns are good.

To the point of videos. I do agree that we have over pressured water in Colorado. Just use common sense. Maybe if you make a video fishing a certain tailwater, just keep the name of where you are fishing out of the video. There is a good chance Avid fisherman like those of this forum will know where you are, and others can just enjoy some quality content and wonder where the heck you are.
This forum is basically dead now. Facebook is the new frontier.
Boy I sure hope not. I deleted my Facebook last year and it definitely improved my life. This Forum is the only place I have found where the people on it have a passion for fishing that matches or even exceeds my own.

To the point of our limited waters, and booming population. Maybe the answer is to selectively hotspot. I can think of a few places that need some fish harvested to improve the fishery, and if more people are fishing in those spots it will open up room in others.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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