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Fort Carson Ponds Early 8-21-05

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I woke up around 4:30 this am and decided I'd go hit the Fort Carson ponds for the topwater bass bite. I had to be back before the woman woke up as I had alot to do today, basement flooded with all that rain we got yesturday. It was still pretty dark when I got there a little after 5am so I so I walked down to the edge armed with my frog and gave it a quick toss, not really trying yet. The weedless frog lands right on a few weeds sticking up in the water (the only ones around) I kinda a chuckle and say to myself go figure. I start to pull the frog through and it snags, snags good. Then what ever kind of line I have on this reel (I forget what brand I put on) Snaps! I was like CRAP! (maybe not those words but close) Went back to the tackle box at the Jeep thinking I had another frog and found that not only did I not bring it (the kid probably has it in his box) I only had one buzz bait with me and old red one. Thinking to myself I came to fish top water and I break the only good topwater lure I brought with me just messing around. So I rig up a carolina rigged plastic worm with a glass bead and toss it out there, first jig catch a little Largemouth (about 8 inches). Then no more bites for a while, switched worm colors and still nothing, threw a couple different tubes and nothing. Switch back to a worm and texas rigged it first cast another Largemouth a little bigger then the first. Fished a while longer no bites then I decided to try wacky rig (never done it this way) Once again first cast after a couple jigs, big bite, I set the hook but miss, I slow the jig down but it feels different, when I reel it in the worm is gone. I was like howd I not rig that right. I try again and after a few more casts I land another Largemouth a little over 10 inches. I left around 8:30. The bass were jumping all over the place and some larger ones then the juvenile ones I was catching, but most that I saw come all the way out of the water were around the same size as these. They looked like they were chasing dragon flies.

This out the window of my house during the rain.

THis is how deep the water got in the windowsill of my basement window.
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Those bass are gonna be real fun to catch in a couple of years.
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