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Frank easement ponds?

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Would anybody have any advice for me at these ponds?They sound really promising but yet to get out there.thanx

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I went about a month ago, there are like 3 ponds, all on the smallish side, but all seem to be pretty full of fish. Lots of carp, so if you are interested in those they are there in numbers. I wished I brought my belly boat, because some good looking spots are inecesable from shore. As far as lures and or baits, I imagine minnows under a bubble would work, I caught my bass on a dark colored tube jig tugged slowly along, also got a couple on some plastics. Also I think any bluegill type lure would work cause i saw a bunch of those guys swimming around. Not sure how long of a drive you are making, but I do want to caution you that most of the bass I caught were dinky, and the ponds are small and recieve a decent amount of pressure, and allow bait which I've found makes fishing tougher. Not trying to talk you out of this place, just telling you it's about the same as any other Longmont/Loveland gravel pond. Hope this helps (PS. Know where you are going because it is a little tricky to find)
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Thanx rob for ur help.
If you are willing to walk to the back pond, that may be more promising. Don't know what the weed growth is like right now, but it definately has some nicer fish.
These ponds used to be awesome. A few years ago, I would go nightfishing at the front pond in the summer with topwaters and catch a ton of big bass. 10+ bass over 15 inches in three hours was an average night. Now the pond is still full of bass, but much, much smaller ones. In just two years the average size bass dropped from 15-16 inches to 10-12 inches. My guess is people were keeping every keeper bass they caught.
I've caught alot of Bass there. I was fishing it every Saturday for a few hours. I've used alot of methods there. However, like Rob said, they all, (but one) lacked in size. Average is 12-13 inches.
I haven't caught carp, except in the back pond. I caught 5 one day there. Off crank baits, and an x-rap. Aggressive mugs! It seems as the season has been going on, the fish have gotten smaller.
It's an easy place to catch Bass though. One of my buddies caught his 1st there. Even I haven't been skunked there in awhile.  ;D
One more thing about FE. In the early spring (the 1st 2 times I went), I was catching Bluegills pushing 10 inches. I haven't been able to get many over 5 inches since?
Most places I go, I'll walk to the back pond (less pressured), but I actually like the front pond at FE best.
I once saw a group of people in the parking lot showing off (to each other) a bunch of 12 inch Bass they were keeping (right in front of the 15+ sign).  :mad: 
That's exactlly what gives fishing a bad name. These ya-hoos that go out, and haven't a clue as to what they're doing. Taking illegal fish, leaving trash all over the place, and basicly having NO respect for the environment, or others around them.
Thanx for your helps guys i need to catch some bass real bad.Where is it and what type of lure should i use?Thanks again.
ive never been there but somethings ive seen happen to lakes i fish is the bass actually overpopulate and it stunts the growth of the fish . it makes sence same amount of forage but increased amout of fish . so those people taking the little 12 inchers are probably helping the size of the fish in the ponds(im not saying its ok rules are rules ) . are these fish your catching fat and healthy or big headed and skinny ?
All the fish I catch here are really healthy looking. A couple years ago, the ponds were full of 18+ inch, 3+ pound fish (similar to Pella Crossing). So there's definitely big bass potential there.
Do u think they are still there?Which pond should i try and where is it?
There's probably still a few big bass there, but they might not be there in big numbers any more. I used to go there and fish a jig-and-pigs (my favorite big bass lure) and catch at least a couple bass over 17-inches almost every time. Over the past year, I haven't really fished the ponds nearly as often as I used to (and haven't fished a jig-and-pig much there either), but the few times I have went, I've only caught small bass, in the 12-inch range. I live real close to the ponds, so I'll try to go out there a little more often and target bigger bass, and I'll post if I have any luck.

The "back pond" at FE has always had the reputation of having huge bass. There's probably still some hogs in there. It doesn't receive the fishing pressure that the front pond receives because it's about a 3/4 mile hike.
This place sounds perfect for me cuz i'm just getting into bass fishing so i'm looking for numbers of fish.But a lunker will work to.Where is this place i'd really like to find it.Thanx again
The Frank Easement Ponds are at the Frank SWA just west of Windsor. From I-25 at the Windsor exit, go 2.3 miles E on Colo. Hwy. 392 to Cnty. Rd. 13, then 1/2 mile south. Parking along Cnty. Rd. 13.

Bring a pair of polarized glasses because you'll see small bass everywhere. Sight-fishing can be great and bass in shallow water will usually aggressively hit 4-inch finesse plastic worms fished weightless.
How far is it from Lakewood?Thanx
Red Sox Rock said:
How far is it from Lakewood?Thanx
Probably at least 60 miles. It's probably not worth the drive, considering there are ponds that are as good or better in the Metro Denver area--Pella, Sawhill, Ward, Chatfield Ponds, Lowell, etc.
Gotcha thanks have u ever been to pella?
I went there a few times during spawning season and pre-spawn. I saw a lot of big bass (15-18 inches on average) on beds. I managed to catch a few bass that weren't on beds. I haven't been there in a while but I'll probably go there sometime this week. I'll let you know how I do.
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