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Free minnows 5/3/14

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2 dozen medium shiners, bought today... have receipt. Come get em. Has to be tonight before 10:00 or tomorrow morning before 11:00.

Went out for bass today, they weren't on yet in that lake... used a dozen, 2 dozen left. I'm in South Denver.
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If only you posted this on a weekday when I actually fish!!:cool: Can't stand the pressure lakes get on weekends
I'm with ya on that. Well, if anyone's interested in them, they're yours... I don't know if they'll all still be alive tomorrow because my minnow bucket isn't aerated... just a cheap styrofoam one.
I doubt they are alive now, in my experience 6 minnows survive the rest die. doesn't matter how many lol but once there are 6 left they can live
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