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Frog Bassin

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Bass fishing has been pretty awesome this year so I figured I'd come out of lurking status to post this report from yesterday.  Caught this 20" football on a scum frog, guestimate around 5lbs.  Camera phone pic so couldn't get it to fit and doesn't show width but it was a fat mamma.  Just an enormous blow up through some serious muck, man that was fun!  Got another 4lbr, couple 3's and lost about 4 other fish (as often happens when froggin).  Reminded me of some great Florida trips...  6:45pm, super clear water, sun was shining bright. Small boat on a 20ish acre gravel pit pond somewhere in Co ;D 

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NIce fish man

Great! What exactly is a scum frog--a plastic frog imitation?
Yeah, little soft plastic floating frogs with a small weight at the base and has some strands hanging down that look like legs. All sorts of frogs work, just have to experiment with colors and sizes. Throw it into the thickest stuff you can find and just hop it along and pause. Wait, hop and pause, wait, then BAMO! Sometimes they blast it through the muck, which is crazy, and sometimes they nail it right when you hop off it into the open holes. Good to use strong braid though, and just know you're going to miss some fish b/c it's tough getting a good hookset through the junk. Doesn't get much more fun really, had some phenominal days in Florida awhile back catching 6-7 pounders on those crazy things...
Allright! I have a huge stiff mooching pole, and braided line, so I think I'll give that a try. Especially since there are so many weeds around the local ponds (and it's only going to get worse)!
Definitely try it out, a couple blow ups and you'll be hooked on the frog too! Best if you can cast into the shoreline just like a frog that might've hopped up on the bank, but if not just go parallel to the bank if you're stuck on the shore. Seen them work at all hours, but they're suprisingly effective in the heat of the day when the sun is glaring and the big fish are grabbing some shade under the thick stuff...
Kewl!!! Whered you go???????
I'm guessing it was a one of his secret honey spots.
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