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kirbydog said:
I'm guessing it got more fishing pressure this year than past years.  My experience is, when word gets out about the good fishing on a small body of water, people show up alot more and the fishing plummets. Just a theory.

I've been to these ponds before a few years back and several times those few years back the pressure seems heavy as usual. The fish there are smart no doubt. Those few years back, I went there and the bass were extremely finicky. I finally went again this year and the results are pretty close to same. The difference is... Well, what I think the difference is... The time of year you go. I went in early spring at Pella and the results weren't bad at all and consistant. Whether it be perch or bass, I was either catching fish or getting hits consistantly. I didn't pay much attention to the actual water temps, but what I paid attention to is the first wave of uninterrupted high 60's to low 70 degree weather. From the spawn to the post spawn, it got tougher here.

That's just Pella though. There's some other ponds that I've seen action pick up noticeably after the prespawn, but those places I don't even visit no more. As for those few years back when I visited Pella, I recall I visited during summer also.

As for the fishing pressure part that may make fishing slow due to either lack of fish or higher fish IQ levels... I now kind of changed my view on that. I used to believe that Sawhill Ponds in Boulder might have just bit the dust because of the increased pressure it receives, but from the posts on this forum, people who know what they're doing are still gettin into nice sized bass there every once so often but just not as often.

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