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Ft. Carson pond

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Mother nature is working her majic at a Ft. Carson pond. They stocked a bunch of 3-5" bass in there in the spring of '04. Those fish are now 6-10" fat little footballss that go airtborn as soon as they are hooked.

Its great to see them coming along so well.

Next year they will be pushing 12" and the year after that things will start to get real exciting. Caught about 30 today. The bass are still young and stupid but I am educating them about tubes and senkos. ::)
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It's always good to hear about somebody teaching those fish a lesson! ;D
Which pond did you fish? Once I get out of vacation mode I will be hitting up a couple of these... They stocked some huge trout in there right before the 4rth from Minnesota, I havent been able to get out and hit up these ponds with all the summer stuff going on.
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