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this week at Horsetooth I found that 5" smallmouth bass will eat anything and I think I caught about 50 of them everywhere I went on the reservior. Caught one larger smallie in eltuck bay on a #2 vibrax spinner with black 2" twister tail trailer. I don't know if there are any decent sized smallmouth in the reservior at this point.

The 1/4 oz Daredevle 'spinnie' in hot tiger is the winner this week catching everything in Horsetooth reservior...18" Rainbow Trout of Snatanka Cove, zillions of tiny smallmouth, a perch, and a 17" walleye that I thought was a very large stick that I snagged...this is why I don't fish for walleye.

Caught about 50 6" largemouth bass at dixon reservior in fort collins on a small floating rapala twitched on the everything is just tiny around here. they must have just stocked the place. was good fun.

4 larger largemouth bass caught in city park lake in Fort Collins...Thought I'd see what was really in that place. I would estimate 12-14" 1-3 lbs maybe. all on crawdad colored shallow shad rap.

riverbend ponds...caught 1 12" largemouth on #2 chartruse vibrax spinner with 4" twister tail spinner and 1 crappie caught on same rig but that guy got off before I could land it, seemed to be average crappie size...probably would have been a keeper if I ate crappies.

that is all I know, I need a boat and to get out of town a bit.
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