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Has anyone ever fished a small stream near the top of Guanellla pass? I read an article that mentioned a 3mile section of stream that was fun to fish. Just wondering.
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Fished there years ago and caught very small brookies.
Just continue up to the top of Guanella Pass and park.Take the trail on the west side to the Square Top Lakes.Its like 2 miles to the lower lake.Lots of nice(15-18") cuttys cruisin near the inlet.Was there last week but they didnt want anything I had.Its not stream fishing but nice fish anyway. The upper lake is good also!
I had good luck at the Square Top Lakes a couple years ago but my real interest is in Frozen Lake which is across the road. Has anyone ever fished that lake? If you climb up Mount Bierstadt you can see Frozen Lake once you gain the saddle. I was up there once and all I saw were rising trout everywhere!!

But Frozen Lake is quite a logistics problem. The shortest route is up to about 13,000' then drop down a Class 3 scramble to the lake. It's in a southeast facing cirque which means that you cannot see weather moving in from the west - and your only escape route is back up and over the saddle at 13,000' or a hasty retreat into the trees below. The notorious Bierstadt Willows preclude making an attempt from other directions. The Scott Gomer trail is the last option but that means an approximate 8 mile hike up to the lake with significant elevation gains.

I'd love to hear from anyone that may have fished Frozen Lake.
I've been there twice,dude! First time was 1993,caught 8 or 9 cuttys from 14-16" all on a brown trout bouyant.Beautiful hook jawed fish!Missed many.Second time was 2003,saw several cutts but no bites, several follows on lures. The only way Ive gone is up the burning bear trail,starts at 9700' and the lake is right at 13,000'.Basically 8-9 miles with the last 2-3 no trail,lots of bouldering,then scrambling up 45 degree rock to arrive.Its one the toughest but neatest hikes I've done to get to a fishing lake.On leaving the lake I circle around to the south and traverse the cliffs ending up on the south side of Mt. Bierstadt.Then a nice steep stroll through the pines brings you back to the Abyss lake trail,then to the intersection of scott gomer and burning bear.It takes me 3-3.5 hrs one way wearing a large backpack. Both trips were in august and the lake was open.I,ve fished Abyss 3 times and there are nice fish in there also.You will see people at Abyss,you will be ALONE at Frozen!If ya want some company,maybe I'll tag along!Later-
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Slayer - I'd love to take you up on that trip but it's not going to happen this year as my schedule is crazy. I'm just happy to hear that someone took the time to check out Frozen Lake and confirm that there are cutts in there. One good day, one bad day - kind of describes any high mountain lake, doesn't it?
Yeah,Ive only managed 2 trips in 12 years up there.Priorities,priorities!
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