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Get the skunk of my back!

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I fished the St. Vrain river yesterday about 3 miles up the road from Lyons. For the first time in a LONG time I got skunked. I am very new to Colorado but have fished here several times before with great success. Most of the elements seem to be in place for a good day of fishing with the exception of some mossy slime, tree branches and leaves on the bed of the stream. But it wasn't un managable. The water was 42 degrees and by mid day climed to 50 degrees. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being gin clear) the water clarity was almost a 7. I was able to identify specific insects by flipping over rocks and had the corresponding flies. (nymphs) I saw some sporadic caddis hatches alot of micro midges, a few may flies. I was using 9-10 feet of leader on 6X tippet. I worked all the usual fishy holds in a creek. Can anyone crack the code for me here?
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"On a scale of 1-10 (10 being gin clear) the water clarity was almost a 7."...JUst a thought, but if you ACTUALLY were comparing it to gin...maybe leave the gin home next time???

Just joking man!
How bout "Vodka clear?
Crackin the code is easy-Think "Garden Hackle" or "Egg Pattern".
the st. vrain would be tough this time of year.  most of the northern front range streams/rivers are all similar conditions.  until they get some flow, they will be tough.

did you actually see any fish?  that would be the most important questions.  if so, were they active and feeding up and down?  if not, you must be fishing spots that look fishy with the confidence that fish are holding.  that makes it tough in the st. vrain.  it is small to begin with so water/spot selection is the code cracker.

i would be nymphing without an indicator using 6X-7X flourocarbon tippet. a 20 flashback pheasant tail as the point fly and a 22 olive or red flashback wd-40.  both with bead heads.
if any fish were rising, a 20 adams and a 22 gray rs-2 sparkle wing dropper would be my choice.

i would have just hit any/all water that looked good with flow and some depth all up the canyon road.  takes time but it maximizes things.

this is very similar to my poudre fishing this past weekend.

the st. vrain, poudre, boulder creek all fish the smae, in my experiences, but the big thompson is different.
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You said you were using "9-10 feet of leader on 6x tippet". You also said you "had all the corresponding flies". The code is simple, ATTACH those flies to your tippet before fishing  ;)  JK, If you hardly ever get skunked, you don't need a code. I love fly fishing. However, my day goes like this... 3 or 4 casts, I snag, spend 20 minutes trying to tie another fly on, lose that, cuss a lot, and give up. If you usaully have succsess. Just shrug it off, and try again as soon as you have an opportuntinty. Good Luck!
OK, you guys are killin' me here...lots of comedians no insight... ;) ;D
It's time for BWO hatches up there...even if the caddis are starting, there should be some Blue Wing Olives, and that would be the FIRST thing I'd try....

Sorry for teasing you!
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