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on my way home from BLUE HERON i stoped by a pond that i had gotten permission to take some bull frogs out of i had just planed on a scouting run but i saw several right up close and ended up going caveman on them with the maglight took home a pair just to see if it would be worth coming back, i cut the leggs from the body and pitched the rest to the cats that swim here then in the morning i skinned them cleaned them with a paper towel rolled them in some progresso bread crumbs and fried them in oil. man im hooked

anybody got a favorite frog giging spot they would like to share?

i see the limit on bullfrogs is rather generous is that because they overpopulate or just cause the DOW dont like them the pond i was at is rather small and i dont want to wipe them out i need a steady supply any knowledge you can share about bull frogs is great

for those of you that gig frogs what is your favorite gig style trident/triangular or what?

any good frog leg recipies out there? i'm thinking beerbatter i could call it "drunken kermit"
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