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Fished Glendo Sat-Tues, and had a pretty good time. Caught around 50 walleyes, and who knows how many carp. Fished mainly around the islands, with the "red" one being most productive. There seemed to be much more traffic around the "white" one. Most of the eyes where small, with only 4 keepers. one 17, 2- 18er's , and a 19in. Fish ranged in 14-24ft. on water. With the kids, we basicly jigged the entire time. White/Blue & Black jigs worked best, with very little coming on grn/chart or pinks. Smaller leeches killed them the first day, we went through a couple dozen. The leeches they had at the marina were HUGE, some of the biggest ones I've ever seen. So we switched to half a crawler, and had similar success.

The problem with bait was keeping the carp off. I guess it really wasn't too bad, cus they were a blast for the kids to catch. While we were at the marina (Monday) talked to a guy pulling cranks over the weeds. Said he did real well, but spent alot of time cleaning the lures. Got some bigger fish though, a 24 & 26incher.

Didn't really get to fish as much as I would'of liked, wife had to ski and all. Plus we were with another family so we spent much of the middle parts of the day tubing. It was HOT! so tubing really wasn't to bad.

All in all, had a great time up in Glendo!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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