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I want to get up there mothers day weekend. Does anyone have a current report or know what the water level/emp is or which ramps are open?

Re: Pete, Glendo question.

I have found the fishing very different year to year at Glendo, depending on month, weather, water level... Blue has been an important color for me. I have found that early in the season the river inlet is best bottom bouncers, chartruse, blue, or purple blades worked best. I think action picks up in the upper lake first, then muddy bay, followed by the lower lake. In late april I think the leaches spawn and that may be the reason blue and purple work. In my experience leaches work early, followed by crawlers, then crankbaits. I got fooled one year fishing 10 - 30 feet off the gravelly eastern shore in the upper lake, when the fish were in flooded timber mid and lower lake (the lake was full). Slow trolling bottombouncers, crank baits in muddy bay and along the western shore on the entrance to muddy bay worked well. The islands upper end of lower lake sometimes fish early. The submerged point in the main lake a mile or two east of muddy bay has been good in May. You can't miss it there will be lots of boats there if the fish are on it. The sandy beach area sometimes is really good. We caught quite a few fish on the southern most shore of the main lake. This is a big lake. We usually camp in Whiskey gultch but its a 20 mile run up to the upper end of the upper lake. We shore camp tieing the boat up on shore next to camp. Later in may it starts getting pretty crowded. If you have a smaller boat you might want to look at camping at elk horn. Some years when the water is low you can't even put a boat in up there. There is not much protected space to tie up your boat at elk horn. For those wanting to catch catfish, the western point on the upper lake next to the river inlet is good at night (locals fish it) . You can drive to it and fish from shore. Glendo is a huge lake that you can spend a week running around just to find the fish and whats working.

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