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glendo is an awesome fishery! but why is it that getting reports on that lake is like big foot or ufo sightings - a few from time to time but you never know if you can trust the info.

anyone have a channel to good, regular and valid info?

i suppose calling the marina on the lake is as direct as one can get, but not sure what they report?

i want to head to glendo - soon but would love some info.

also, and not to open up a redundant post, but where is the sure bet to get minnows for glendo without driving to laramie or casper or some place miles out of the way? curly's is supposed to be open in season right in glendo, but is that really true?

thanks in advance.
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I spend alot of time on Walleye Central also. You can always get Glendo reports there!
I always stop at Curly's before heading into the lake. Bob is very helpful!

Minnows are a ##### in Wyoming! I would just bring lots of crawlers and Leechs. I usually go up later in the summer after the water has recessed form the tree's. So most of the time I am trolling.

If you go now, maybe Dave kooser can give you some tips for this time of the year, I know he goes up there around this time of year.

I usually go up later in the summer after the water has recessed form the tree's.
I went to one of the seminars on spring/early summer walleye fishing hosted by Doc (I cant think of his last name - walleye pro)...he talked about those walleyes being right up in the he put it...nobody ever told you that walleyes love wood...pitch a jig and a leech in there or a jig and a crawler and hold he put it...the tree hold the early season hatch of baitfish and make perfect ambush points for walleyes...overlooked by many...leeches and crawlers are easier to keep alive this time of year...and I havent seen many walleyes that will snub an active leech for a minnow...
Thats what those guys do! They pitch the flooded willows just like Bass fishing. I know several guys who have caught big eye's doing that there.
I am from WY
you can fish with monows here thay just have to be from the same draw
so like at Glendo you have to have them from the north platte draw and you have the card for them ..
Fish move shallow to deep as the summer progresses. Late May the fish are feeding hard and heavy in the shallows, especially the flooded trees and willows. June they start to move out to deeper water but still can be caught in the shallows if the conditions are right (muddy, overcast, windy). By July most of the fish are either relating to points or are suspending in the middle of the lake.

Techniques for each progression point vary from pitching jigs and crawlers in shallow, to lindy rigging or bottom bouncing in mid depths to trolling cranks over suspended fish.

A few reasons info on Glendo is hard to get are:
1. It is a big fish lake and those who catch big fish are not going to give up their tips.
2. Right or wrong, the Wyoming guys feel that lake is overfished, especially by Greenies. Their way of protecting their resource is not talking.
3. This website is relatively new (the new look came out 4-5 months ago) prior to that, lets say..... it was difficult to read and follow posts.... As this site becomes used more and becomes more of an information resource, Glendo info will start to appear.
4. When you post a question like that, think of the target market that will respond. Look at it like this (all are estimates).
Of 100% of the people that fish Glendo, only 70% have a computer, only 40% (Dan/Ken I inflated that for you guys) of those know of this site, only 50% of those have usefull information, only 25% of those are willing to give information, and only give 30% of what they know on an open forum like 1.05 people of 100 will give you feedback that MIGHT get you on fish.
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