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Gloomis warranty Service Changes

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From G.Loomis:

We know fishing rods get broken. We all fish hard and put our tackle through plenty of abuse. But don’t kick yourself if you do break one, relax – G.Loomis will help you out with a simpler warranty process, and an expanded ‘Xpeditor’ service program.

We inspect every rod sent back to the factory, and if it’s a problem or break due to material or workmanship, G.Loomis will always cover it with our limited lifetime warranty. And now, when submitting a warranty claim, anglers no longer are charged a claim review fee. If the rod is covered by the warranty, a replacement rod is sent at no charge. If it’s not, anglers can pay $95 ($120 CAN for service to Canada) to replace any broken GL2 or GL3 rod, or $120 ($145 CAN) to replace any NRX, GLX, Pro4X, IMX or blended graphite rods.

If you broke it – accidents, misuse, normal wear and tear, G.Loomis supports anglers who appreciate its high-performance rods with the ‘Xpeditor’ service. It’s the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to replace a broken rod. For GL2 and GL3 series rods, the Xpeditor service fee is reduced to $75 ($100 CAN). The fee for all other G.Loomis rods – casting, spinning or fly – is $100 ($125 CAN). If you currently have a G.Loomis ‘Wildcard’ from buying an NRX or GL2 rod, G.Loomis will provide a one-time Xpeditor service replacement for no charge.

The G.Loomis rod warranty replacement program and the Xpeditor service is available to anglers in the U.S. and Canada. Visit, or call 877/577-0600, for more information.
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I have had nothing but good service from G. I built a custom rod on one of their blanks. I accidentally broke it while fighting a fish, when I sent it in and they were no longer making blanks. They gave me a newer version factory built rod at no cost, even though it was my fault. Another time I broke a tip off hiking in to a river, again my fault $50 fee. Lastly broke a tip off setting the hook on a fish while fishing left handed with Oyey, when his elbow was fuct and he had to fish lefty. No charge for that one either. They have turned all my rods around in under two weeks to my door step. I got nothing but Love for G.Loomis
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