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The book says "reasonable distance"

If you're going to be at the fairgrounds, you basicaly just have to cross the street to get to Lake Estes. That side of the lake is filled w/ moss making lures difficult. Walk to the marina or the inlet, and it's alot clearer.

my top lures would be --- Thomas Boyant (gold),  Super-Duper (gold w/ red),  or a Tasmanian Devil (gold or yellow/orange).

for your bait rod. Try power-bait, salmon eggs, or small worms.

I would highly recommend using a fly and bobble. Spinning rod - bobble - tippet - fly. There are 3 fly shops in Estes. Have them recommend a few flys. Try this early or late in the day (or any time the water is somewhat calm). It's a blast, and a pretty productive way to catch fish up here.

I'm stuck going to a family (in-laws) BBQ on the 4th. I'll probably fish before hand. If you see someone in a tan/blue pontoon/float tube at Estes or someone w/ a Shepard, and a Black Lab at Mary's say hi.

Good Luck !   ;D   
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