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Golden Bones

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I was finally able to trick a couple into taking my fly. First one on a dirty hippy in some churned up water, second one on a carp candy. They put one heck of a bend in the rod!

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Thanks, gents. The first day took me 2.5 hours of casting and blown shots to finally get one to take a fly. Pretty fun, I'm starting to look at those "ugly fish" a little differently.
What weight set up were you using?

Nice catch.

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Nice, catching a carp with a fly rod is on my fishing to-do list for sure!
For the first one I was using a 5/6 fiberglass rod- I thought it was going to break! It did hold up well and the action was beneficial for the head shakes. The second was caught on an 8 wt, while it was still doubled over, it had significant (as you would expect) more backbone.
What lake is that? PM me if you don't want the world to know.
Sweet! I just started chasing them a bit on the Colorado out west. Have yet to figure them out and connect with one, but have seen decent numbers and some big ones that would be fun to catch. Rocky mountain bone fish. Sight casting is always fun.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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