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Golf Course Fishing

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Isn't it great they have pretty big carp and bass, etc... By my perspective. ;D
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Mad Russian Golf course has wiper in some areas, bass, crappy, HUGE carp, etc...

I like it but only fish it at night. Or else there is this mean old geaser that yells only at kids unless he happy and he wont yell at you but that is really RARE.
There are two courses that I frequent on "off hours".  One of them avg 19 to 21 inch trout.  Flyfishing only with catch and release.
Now when is the next new moon?  ???  8)
This has been asked/suggested a couple times. 1 most golf courses dont allow it. 2 the chemicals golf courses use to keep their lawns so pretty drain right into those ponds, so I wouldnt keep any fish that you catch there.
Most courses have fish in them of one kind or another. But I agree, to eat one of them would be crazy IMO. I have a partner here at work that carrys a small travel rod in his bag with a black panter martin tied to hit. When the holes get backed up he pulls it out nad makes two or three casts before it's time to hit.

Ive seen him pull Largemouth, rainbow, Bluegill and Crappie. At least in the Springs there are more ponds with fish then without.
I'd fish the golf courses but I don't have the proper attire:
knickers, argyle socks and matching sweater vest and one of those little hats.....oh yea and wing tips ;)

I know there are golfers out there - no offense - just (trying to) be funny.
haha, id like to bowfish for some carp out of a golf course pond, seems like a good spot to practice....but i dont have abow so i wont, just sounds fun....
Was golfing Applewood today and saw some nice bass cruising the shallows in most of the ponds on the course.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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