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Fished Friday the 11th from 9 until 1. My wife wanted some practice driving the boat which sounded like a great idea:) We put on, and were into the white bass within 15 mins. Anything silver and shiny and those w/b would be on the attack. I used a storm shad with a purplish hew, and a skinny shad rapala all day.

My oh my, some of those white bass had chunky bellies on them. Also caught 3 crappie as well. Funny thing, those crappie were so aggressive they took the same lures as the w/b. Must have been in there doing battle with the w/b school. Lastly, I was able to boat a wiper. Much bigger than the white bass and he sure put up a good fight.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I am already planning another day on the water.
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