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Personally, Wayne, I think Aurora is a tough place to go for a beginner. For your bait fishing options, what Homeboy said is accurate. You can also use worms. However, for a new-to-fishing person or at least new to fly fishing, Aurora's access and tight lipped fish might frustrate you.

Golden Rod's suggestion was pretty spot on, honestly. Local ponds are a little easier and will offer you some room to learn to cast, as long as they're not packed with people.

I was going to mention a few specific ponds, but if you want that info, I'd rather do it via PM. I think you mentioned you have the fishing close to home book. That's a great resource. I used it a lot in the early 90's. I wish I'd known how much of a gem it really was. It put me on a lake with very willing tiger muskies in it, but I had no clue how to fish for them.

Anyway, good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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