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Goose island skunkmile

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Are there any trout or pike around goose island? We hiked all the way out here and only saw one and got bit off by another. Kinda slow for 5 hrs and counting on the water.

Are there fish in the bay of the island? We parked at rocking chair and hiked out. We are in the middle of goose island and the small island to the west. Tried dead sticking micro tubes for nada and also wore some paint off the blade bait. Don't think pike want a blade bait. Also tried airplane bucktail jig for nada. Also tried agressivley jigging buggle gum mini kasty for nada. Last trip here a pike ate the bubble gum kasty 30 seconds of dropping it down. Is it yesterday's storm shut em down? I knew it was bad to say I've never been skunked icing the mile. Also knew I probably should have went to suckers where I always go.
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forget the phone. shouldnt have those damn things fishing anyway. spooks the fish, as you found out. too much texting not enough cadence.
pm'd you. time to go elsewere. text me if you want to go. oh thats riiighhhht. pm me.
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