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In the 90's through early 2000's I would of rated it right up with the Gorge.
Z is right the DPW killed it, they used to put signs on all the bathrooms asking anglers to kill every lake trout they caught.
During those years there was plenty of Kokanee along with a decent population of very fat Lake Trout.
They didn't want Lake Trout and went all in for Kokanee.
Now after multiple years of net killing Lake Trout every spring and fall they had an algae bloom, die off resulting in a crash of the Kokanee and the weakened ones now have gill lice.
the only known way to get rid of gill lice is to just stop stocking Kokanee for several years, the Kokanee's recent trouble's had nothing to do with Lake Trout but the kill program is still going on....Will the DPW ever learn that natural predation from predators helps the overall health of a lake?
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