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Went out last weekend on Sunday to fish/scout a brand new lake for us above 10K. We all had stuff to do that evening but had the afternoon to kill so we went up there for a few hours...Had some great success landing Arctic Grayling on small swimbaits, live worms, and I even got one on a size 18 Zebra Midge. I got a Master Angler and my buddy also got a nice size Colorado River Cutthroat. Best part was Sam got to cross it off her species list!!

We decided half way through the fishing that we should try and take some home to eat, since none of us ever had them before...I was very pleasantly surprised at the taste! We pan fried one and smoked the other 2...I BOTCHED the smoked batch as my smoker needs cleaning, i'll just leave it at that lol.

Hope you guys enjoy the fishing, food, and drone shots of the new lake for us!



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