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Man this weather has been great for my lawn, but not for me getting out to fish :'(. Got out as soon as the school bell rang. Got to the lake about 3:30, water is high! launched @ the West ramp, had to wade about 10ft out in a foot and a half water, to get to the dock. Really need to back the truck in far. Found fish in the usual spots, 1st fish was a nice crappie just under 11in.

Then it was all walleys the rest of the evening. Got pretty windy, so just set up a nice drift through the "zone" 14-16ft. was were they were at. ended up with 8, and man did they slam the jigs, and stay down low. 3 keepers, but 2 were right at 18, so told them to grow a quarter inch for next time.

Storm came in @ 7:30, tried to stick it out, but when the 1st lightning strike hit over head, I high tailed it outa there. :eek:

One week left of school, then I'll be on my annual Crack binge :thumb:
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