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Or at least his anthem for teachers everywhere, "School's out for summer" :cool:.

Fished the Infamous Cherry Creek: 4 days the past week & have had a blast! Jigs and Crawler bite is on.
Green & Yellow was hot till today. Today Pink & White was the ticket :thumb:

First fish of the summer,

Surprise, Didn't think a crappie would win 1st fish!

After a couple of smaller walleyes,

got another surprise:

After a few more smaller fish,

Decided to join the crowd and jump on the Walleye Merry-go-round. Glad I did, Because I found the bigger fish.

Made for a great fish fry, perfect with a cold one & Stanley Cup Hockey!

Fished myself again Friday, 17 walleyes, 3 crappie

Took my daughter out Saturday, 12 walleyes, 2 crappie. We left @ 9:30 a.m. as it was absolutely packed. I don't mind fishing with other boats, but Sat was beyond belief. No more weekend day fishing for me.

Monday: way too hot & windy

Today: had a dozen eyes before 8:30, then met my mom @ the dock. She nailed 15 eyes on her own ( pink & white :) Including her biggest eye in at least 40 years a fat 22.5 incher.

Great 1st 4 days of summer fishing! Thanks Alice :biggrin1:

See ya on the Water!

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Great to meet up with you again. Thanks for sharing your rigging and techniques. We finally got a few more after you showed us what to do. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks again, jake and ron
Great seeing you guys again, since last time through the ice. Glad I could help you put a few more it the boat. Gotta go slow this time of year & color really does make a difference.

On another note, 11 o'clock was the magic hour the past 2 days for bigger fish. Like someone just flipped a switch and the larger fish turned on.
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