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da_cheesehead and I headed for my secret spot on Granby!! Don't go up there there is not a single fish left in Granby. ;D ::) ;) J/k If you want early ice action for macks that will make u nuts!! Well call in sick to work, drop you're honey doo's and head up there asap!! The day started slow for me! We started in 85 fow aand decided that shallower is where they will be. but I wanted to give the deep one little chance. So Cheesehead moved in to 40 fow and began to nail them so I picked up and moved in with him. I tell u what I started slow but by the end of the day I was slayin um!! I was catchin a fish on both rods the second it hit the bottom. I was using 2.5 inch fat white and smoke coloured tubes tipped with sucker. Cheesehead was killin them on a white paddlebug tipped with sucker. I ended up catchin 20 or so smallest was 16 my biggest was 21 and cheesehead got 14 or so smallest being 18 and largest going 22". All in all a darn good day for Macks. Also ran into Jiggy he was headin out as well with just about as many fish as cheesehead!!! You better go fast while the early action is still there. One more note the water is eaisly 30-40 ft. deeper than last year.
Fish on!!!
Going back Tom will post how we do!!
Lunker Laker
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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