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Granby 3 lakes contest - next wknd

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Anyone fishin the Granby 3 lakes contest next wkend?????
My son and I are fishing it (we both got some goodies last year) and starting off Sunset Pt, don't know where we'll end up for sure but I'll have a sign out with Red Letters (Shark) on it, stop by for a quick chat and it'll get ya a cup of hot coffee.  We'll be on 1 blue and either 1 or 2 yellow snow machines with a sled behind.
Good Luck Fishin -n- Keep Yer Line Wet
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my brother and his friends are going to be there he has a new snow mobile and would like some insight on the ice conditions and amount of snow on granby thanks
thanks for the info I would like to see more snow myself but then again i am not going, but i will sure pass this on. Iheard that it was supposed to snow tonight and maybe even on saturday.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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