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Granby 4.30.05

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Hey gang.  We hit Granby on Saturday and fished an  area between Sunset Point Marina and Granby Dam in about 30-60 feet of water. Chris and his son, background started off with a couple of nice bows on brass spoons.

Bigbrown (foreground) and Dan picked up a couple as well and I landed one, as the skunk decided to roost in my back pocket. We casted out and deadsticked or very slowly crawled sucker meat, and most everyone was getting pecked at by the lakers. Lotsa of bites, lotsa missed fish. I think we beached about 8 bows. We later headed out to the pump station and Bigbrown landed a couple of bows on san juan worms, and landed a 19 inch laker on sucker meat. He also lost a larger fish on a line snap.  Chris, his son and Dan also followed up with a couple of more bows before I decided to leave at around 4:00 p.m. when the snow started to fall.  Eric and Dan remained behind to fish a little longer and don't know if they added any more to the tally.  All in all, at least 15 bows were landed and the one laker before I had departed.  The weather gods were good to us and allowed for fishing under cloudy skies, and calm waters.

We didn't come anywhere near matching Slayer's catch the week before but is was a great time. The lake is about 70% ice free and should open to boating during the next two weeks or so.  Here's a picture of the crew at work on the bank, sorry no fish photos. At least you can get a bird's eye view of the lake conditions.


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my roomate was there sat as well 3 fish for the day
me and dan fished til about 6 p.m landing one more mac at 19 inches the fish i lost was around 5 -7 lbs my guess
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