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Fished Granby on 2019_02_19 from 9:30 to 2:00 off of Stillwater. Landed three Lakers two of them at 20".

Fished in 18 FOW.

All three were caught between 9:45 and 11:00. First drop down the hole, I got hit and snapped the line on the hook-set :( .I feverishly plunged my hand into the icy hole and was able to grab the line but the fish had extricated itself.

Downsized my jig and grub after an hour of slowness, which yielded a few soft hits that I failed to set the hook on. :(.

Tried to go off on Quinette Point/Rainbow Bay upon arrival, but there was over a foot of snow on top of 8 inches of slush. No thanks...

Plenty of ATVs and snowmobiles making their way around the Stillwater area: no slush at all.
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