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Got to Granby yesterday (Sunday) at about 8:00 and used a hand auger to get through over 3' of ice / frozen slush (also ice, I suppose..) and about a foot of snow.

Fished in 50 FOW off of Sunset and caught around 8 Lakers; missed several others. Biggest was slightly over 20", smallest was a little baby-laker taping out at about 10". Both of these were released. Kept 3 18"ers.

The bite was very light for the most part and I had better success once I scaled down the bait size which was a jig and sucker meat.

Great day to be on the hard water. Opening day temp was 2 degrees and it warmed up to the mid 30's by the time we got off the lake at 1:00.

I didn't want to fish off of Sunset but when I got to one of my favorite spots, I attempted to blaze a trail down the slope and my efforts were thwarted when I broke through the crust of the snow and plunged through the underlying powder. I found myself waste-deep in snow so I dug out and headed to the Sunset Boat Ramp.

The snow at the boat-ramp was well packed and offered easy access to the lake. I spied several folks aboard snowmobiles and ATVs who appeared to be having no trouble negotiating the conditions on the lake.
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