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We went back home over the weekend and hit up a couple favorite places since it is so hard to fish on the eastern slope.

Austin and I caught 30+ fish 1/2 LMB and 1/2 Bluegill at Jerry Creek. Fish are fatter than in the past and it appears the spawn was very successful around the lower lake. Austin caught a 16.5" about 2.5 lb on his first cast.
They love Senkos up there.

Saturday we hit up Island to get our boat tuned up and ready for Lake Powell. We jig fished for splake and while not as fast and furious as last year, we did manage about 20 fish in a couple of hours. Size is the same. 14-16" some fat some skinny but all very pretty fish. I love that they range from looking mostly like a brookie to mostly like a laker. They slam the lure hard which is also fun. Gulp minnows 3" on a 1/4oz jig head is the trick.
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