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started out on grand at the east boat ramp fished everywhere with no luck. ice about 6" thick with alot of slush. when you drill a hole expect alot of water. stoped by RMO in granby and talked with the kid working there for a while. he seams to be a good kid and thanks for the help!!!!

went to shadow for about 20min ice about 8" thick. not much action there either.

went to granby the only ice on the lake is in the very back bay by the bridge. drilled a few holes and pulled in a few rainbows. about 2' of snow 3" of ice than a few inches of water than 12" of ice under that. (BUT WE GOT TO ICE FISH ON GRANBY). oh yea in a few spots there is about 2' of water under 1" of ice. so be carefull

than went to willow creek and had a little luck. alot of water around the first 4' of lake than good ice after that.

wound up being a good day got to ice 4 lakes, got some fish saw 5 moose alot of elk. also got hung up in traffic on burthoud pass because of a motorcycle crash!!!! (CRAZY) the last thing we thought we would see!!!!
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