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Grandpa’s Never Wrong

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Hey Guys... Sorry I haven't been on the forum much or keeping up with my blog. My dad owns the shop I work for and we've been going through some major changes, including me purchasing the business from him. Although the time for all these changes wasn't ideal I had to do what I had to do. That included a hiatus from basically everything other than my duties as a father which includes coaching all my sons teams, and the shop. I also ran into a few computer issues and lost my hard drive. I still fish every chance I get but mainly because fishing is the only time where my mind shuts off. Now things are getting back to normal and I have the time I need to do more writing!

I've got a box of Berkley samples to give to the kids that were featured in the Kids edition of Monday Monsters. If your kid was in Monday Monsters shoot me an address and I'll get them mailed out by next Tuesday.

I apologize for the break and delay in sending out packages, and if you got an email from me advertising Viagra or something similar I'm sorry for that too! Email got hacked...

The new email address is [email protected]

Here's my latest blog

Tight lines,
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