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here is a technique for grassies or amur when the night s are warm get a fresh loaf of bread light line on a spinning real and aberdeen hooks size 8 works real well if there are shad on the lake.

1 tie hook to line no sinker swivel or anything

2 take crust of fresh slice of white bread

3 place hook in middle of slice and cup it around hook pinching edges together very hard forming a floating ball of bread

4 toss out gently as far as you can leave bail open. ( very important)

5 sit back relax and listen for slurping sound while waiting watch your line it may flit out a bit. ( just shad pushing bread around)

6 when line startes peeling off spool pick up rod wait a moment and then close bail and set hook and hold on tight.

have seen fights with white amure last into the hour catagory with massive runs several times during that. fish will fight itself to death if not careful.

oh yeah dont touch gill plates they are like razors
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