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Great Addition

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Thanks! :)
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Thanks will be nice to have all of these in one spot!

A couple of points...under the folder description it still says "Colorado Fishing
This is the place to ask questions and share fishing information, reports, photos, etc.! " under the Colorado Fishing folder...

Also you might want to put a thread entitled "There is a new folder for fishing reports - they no longer go here" at the top of the Colorado Fishing folder...otherwise I think you will still get reports in two places...

This will be great one we get some history...being able to look back a year from now and see where, how deep and on what!!!

Thanks again Don!...
And possibly a sticky in this forum on the proper way to post a report. ie Lake, date, time, weather, fish caught, what they were biting on, and anything else you can think of.
I have a few winter ice fishing trip posts on another forum I am going to move here for historical perspective next year...I should keep a log but I am too lazy...and I would of originally put them here if this place was in it's current more history is on it's way so I can look back next year and see what I used...or anyone else for that matter...I hope Don doesnt mind...
Excellent Don; realtime reports from realtime fisherman, er... and fisher ladies! ; )

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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