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So I go up to the BPS on the north side of CS to get a fishfinder for my kayak. Nothing fancy, just want one that shows me some basic stuff.

I decide on a $100 hummingbird but the display model is the only one left so the guy packs it up and gives me 10% off for getting the display model without a box or instructions. Get it home and discover he's given me the wrong power hook-up, one for another unit.

I call up and explain what happened and get the manager who sends a guy 20 miles down the hwy to my house with the right power cord. Didn't even ask him to do this just wanted to vent!!! And he did all this for a $90 fishfinder.

That's customer service above and beyond in my book and I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I'll be spending some more of my money there for sure.
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