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I have been playing around with a new idea I came up with based on a UV midge I have fished with great success for as long as I can remember. I wish I could take a pic of this 26...but I can get a pic to show. anyway heres what I've been doing and knocking fish dead here in TN on warmer days when fish are rising all over the place. My pattern is kinda like an adams if I had to compare it to anything. Only diffeance is I dont make the wings like the traditional adams and I leave out the tail since midges dont have them. Instead for the wings, I use two strands of krystal flash forked in a "V" to cover the length of the hook shank. I then palmer a small tip of grizzley hackle two turns on the front end. Flotation isnt the goal at all...I actually want this fly to sink just a bit like a sunken midge adult. I fish it behind a "crash the hatch pattern" like a stimi just so I know where my fly is. I had 8 strait casts today where this little guy yanked my stimi down with a fish on the end of my 26. I've tried tadition adams in 26, griffiths and nothing...I absolutely swear by the use of the krystal flash as the wings.
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